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Marcey Rader

Marcey Rader’s a high-energy speaker who packs presentations with actionable advice and real-world wisdom earned over 15 years of high-energy, high-travel corporate life and now as a business owner.

Her #1 mantra? You can reach peak productivity without sacrificing your health to get there. You’ll notice a new vibe and renewed vigor at your company once she’s inspired your team to Work Well and Play More! Marcey is the founder of the Work Well. Play More! Institute and Marcey Rader Coaching, LLC; which entrepreneurs, teams and leaders around the world trust to help kick their lifestyles back into balanced gear through coaching and courses.

Her speaking roster is alive with full-on conferences and internal-team workshops for Fortune 100 companies, startups and everyone in between (including names like Cisco, SAS Institute, Business Travel News, Syngenta and Emaar Properties).

Far from some same-old speaker, Marcey presents no-BS, no-excuses stories and strategies that help audiences transform their professional lives.

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Troy White

Troy accredits the founding of his business, UPSTREAM, to the fact that he was always to go-to-person others reached out to when they needed to be heard or gain perspective about life. Because of that, Troy studied people’s behaviors and actions as an attempt to better understand his own journey.

During his career in business and advertising, he has had the pleasure of working with local, national, and international clients in all areas of business, as well as the non-profit arena. He enjoyed every aspect of a busy professional life, but what remained constant throughout his career was his passion for helping others. In Troy’s experience as an employee, business owner and leader, he encountered organizations and individuals with self-defeating practices in their quest to find success and happiness. He knew he had the ability to make a difference. Through UPSTREAM, he now has the vehicle to effectuate that change.

Growing up in a home of domestic violence, he was faced with the choice of being controlled by the violence or thriving in spite of it. Troy decided the latter and has spent many hours of personal time pursuing the information, tools and relationships to positively inform his roles as partner, parent and leader. Over the last 25 years, he has consulted with many professionals in the areas of domestic violence, anxiety and depression, as they often go hand in hand, and has been invited by various organizations to speak on these topics. 

UPSTREAM’s goal is to go to the source of what causes people to react with negative behaviors; identify the cause of those reactions; connect with the most effective tools; and shift outcomes from negative to positive. 

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Laura Viozzi

As a Personal Empowerment and Emotional Intelligence facilitator and coach, Laura provides training to individuals and groups, guiding them on a journey of creating personal and professional outcomes that are positive and permanent. 

Laura’s empowerment journey began 23 years ago after graduating from law school in Pennsylvania and accepting a position with a large firm. She was content, but found herself yearning for the opportunity to make a more personal impact on everyday lives. She transitioned to a job at a liberal arts university and focused on "What’s next?”  Laura’s “What’s next?” turned out out to be marriage, five beautiful children in less than six years, and a moved to North Dakota. This plan worked beautifully for 15 years, until it didn’t. She found herself feeling vulnerable and alone, navigating an unpleasant divorce and facing re-entry into an unfamiliar workforce. She could have relied on her law license, but the lack of fulfillment experienced years ago crept back into her thoughts, so she embarked on a new path. In 2015, Laura was recruited to lead a successful initiative to codify victim’s rights within North Dakota law. This work with victims, coupled with her personal life challenges, led her to becoming a certified empowerment facilitator and ultimately co-founding UPSTREAM.

At UPSTREAM, Laura helps individuals identify what causes them to react with negative behaviors and connects clients with the most effective tools to achieve positive outcomes. Communitychange can and will be realized through a ripple effect: individuals lead more intentional, emotionally intelligent and personally empowered lives for themselves, within their families and workplaces, and finally with those who make up the larger community. UPSTREAM is the source for this journey of positive change.